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U.S. 99

CLARKS TRAVEL CENTER AND HISTORIC ROUTE 99 GENERAL STORE - We are the oldest operating truck stop on historic Route 99. We are a mini museum & have everything for the traveler even race gas at the pump.
Owners: Bruce and Dolores Clark. Phone: 760-342-4776

PACIFIC HIGHWAY 1 - OREGON - This site features pictures, maps and alignments of Old Highway US99 in Oregon. It is well done and a great deal of fun to look at and examine. I highly recommend this site to look at about the old road in Oregon.

VIRTUAL TOUR OF ROUTE 99 - This tour along historic Route 99 in California runs from Sepulveda Junction to Bakersfield. 

VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE RIDGE ROUTE -This tour runs along entire Ridge Route portion of US 99
(1915-1933 alignment).

RIDGE ROUTE - This U.S. Route 99 website dedicated to that curvy little road that united California.

SIDE TRIPS ALONG ROUTE 99 - Have sidebar adventure while exploring old sections of Route 99 in California.

FINDING U.S. 99 GUIDE - US 99 ran from the Canadian border south to the Mexican border mostly near the present route of Interstate 5. It was one of the original US  highways commissioned in 1926. Starting in the 1960s, it was decommissioned gradually and by the end of the 1970s it was decommissioned entirely. It was the main artery along the West Coast for almost 40 years and it is well known as the highway that carried the migrant farm workers of the 1930s through the San Joaquin Valley.

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