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Meet Some of our Friends and Great Places Along the Road!


Bobby Troup and Ken Turmel


Ken Turmel with Bobby Troup
Bobby's home, Los Angeles, CA  --  1997
[Bobby Troup was the noted jazz pianist who wrote the song: "(Get your kicks on) Route 66"]

DaveBKenMo.jpg (42672 bytes)


Ken, David Bahm and Melissa - 75th Anniversary of Route 66
Albuquerque, NM -- 2001

ElistCrew-Powerhouse.jpg (135195 bytes)


Cheryl Nowka, Scott Piotrowski, Earl Cory, Cheryl Cory, Kevin Nowka and Ken
PowerHouse, Kingman, AZ -- 2001

ChristmasRootie-JerryMc2001.jpg (136221 bytes)


"Rootie" by Jerry McClanahan
Christmas 2001

EarlCory-Ken.jpg (42452 bytes)


Earl Cory and Ken at Lucille's, Hydro, OK -- 2001

LH6-50-eastofEly.jpg (47862 bytes)


Lincoln Highway east of Ely, Nevada, at Majors Place. Snowcapped Wheeler Peak, 13,063ft., in the background.
Photo by Ken Turmel - 2001

LH-long-eastofEly.jpg (33005 bytes)


Lincoln Highway east of Ely, Nevada, looking eastward across the Spring Valley.
Photo by Ken Turmel - 2001

stlouis2.jpg (49788 bytes)


"Gateway to the West" Arch - Saint Louis, Missouri
Photo by Joshua Turmel - 2001

St. Louis, Missouri


Looking down upon the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, from atop the "Gateway to the West" Arch.
Photo by Joshua Turmel - 2001

stlouisarch.jpg (28576 bytes)


Looking upward from the base of the "Gateway to the West" Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Photo by Joshua Turmel - 2001

Lucilles2002.jpg (33362 bytes)


Lucille's Store and Filling Station - Hydro, Oklahoma
Photo by David Clark

bluewhale.jpg (50809 bytes)

Blue Whale swimming hole - Catoosa, Oklahoma
Photo by Shellee Graham


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