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U.S. Route 20 was begun in 1926 at the beginning of the original United States Interstate Highway System as an east-west  route and ran as far west as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Today it is a coast-to-coast route and the longest road in the United States. A wonderful car field trip for traveling through history from the old Truckee route of the California Trail to the colonial routes used during the Revolutionary War by George Washington.

- This website is dedicated to my love of U.S. Route 20, to which I owe many fond memories of family outings and Sunday drives.  I thank my Mom & Dad and my brothers for all of the memories of those exciting drives to places like "Petrified Creatures", "Herkimer Diamond Mines", "Cooperstown", "The Antique Auto Museum" and more, as well as my wife for all of the many modern trips we have taken down "20", that will all be remembered in my mind always. - Daniel Houde "2002"

- Somewhat like the original Cherry Valley Turnpike Association which was organized in the 1920s to preserve the rural landscape and its incredible scenic qualities of the Route 20 corridor, the present day Route 20 Association began as an outgrowth of a series of community meetings held in the early part of 1999. It was at that time a new push was being felt in New York State to promote tourism as a means of economic development along U.S. Route 20.

ROUTES 5 and 20
- This 135-mile long corridor that traverses New York State from east to west is a visitorís dream come true. Yes, Routes 5 and 20 has something for everyone Ė wine tasting, antique shops, historic sites, theme parks, four-season outdoor recreation, fine dining and lodging, scenic rural landscapes with  quaint villages, festivals and theater. Best of all youíve gotten off the expressways to take a drive along an Authentic American Road. Donít forget to stop for a root beer float, a drive-in movie or to just watch the wildlife.

CHERRY VALLEY, NEW YORK - A LANDMARK VILLAGE - The advent of the automobile breathed new life  into the Cherry Valley Turnpike which in time evolved into the mighty Transcontinental Highway, US Route 20. Cherry Valley resonates with history, and a stop here will be one of the highlights of your visit to Central New York. Take our self-guided walking tour. Visit our Museum, and our fine stores. Spend the night if you'd like.

WHITE TURKEY DRIVE-IN - In the spring of 1952, Eddie and Marge Tuttle opened the White Turkey Drive-In in Conneaut, Ohio. It was located in Marge's parents' raspberry patch on Route 20. At that time, I-90 wasnít in existence, so it was an ideal location for a drive-in business. 2002 marked the 50th anniversary of the White Turkey Drive-In. It's currently run by Gary, son of Eddie and Marge, and Peggy Tuttle who took over the business in 1981. Many upgrades have been made to the equipment since 1952, but the stand is still authentic right down to the original counter.

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