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Two Lane HighwayROAD TRIP MEMORIES - Website by Pat and Jennifer, who were brought together by Route 66. They share a love of road trips, old two lane highways, roadside attractions, motels, diners and other nostalgia!

POSTCARDS FROM THE ROAD - Celebrating Route 66, old motels, and Route 66 postcard collecting. Also, the continuing saga of our restoration of a vintage Route 66 DX gas station.

ACROSS THE TRACKS: A ROUTE 66 STORY - Follow America's Main Street from Chicago to Los Angeles, traveling through history or literature. Meeting the people along the route.

CORAL COURT MOTEL - "The proverbial NO-TELL Motel with a definite touch of class," was the way Michael Wallis described the Coral Court. We loved the motel's good looks and intrigued by its racy reputation. Learn about this Art Deco masterpiece that was on the National Registry of Historic Places, the mafia connections, the kidnapping, the FBI investigation--why was this place so notorious?

ROUTE 66 TRIP - A big trip on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, between Chicago and Los Angeles in the year 2000.

DENNY G's ROAD TRIPS - A growing collection of back road trip reports posted while in route. Daily pictures and commentary.

MOTHER ROAD WIDOW - One woman's journey down the Mother Road. Illinois Route 66 Association news. Links to Route 66 related websites. Original Stories by "The Mother Road Widow."

BYGONE BYWAYS - A look at those great two-lane concrete ribbons of yesteryear: Route 66, Highways 80, 99, 101 and more!  A growing repository for kitschy roadside Americana from all over.  Submissions and guest photos not only welcome, but desired!

ROUTE 66 PHOTO ALBUM - Japanese senior couple drove from Chicago to Los Angeles. A lot of best quality pictures of Route 66 Roadside Attractions.

1930 "DUST BOWL" NASH TRAVELS ROUTE 66 - Follow Brian McKay in a 1930 Nash from Chicago to the Land of Plenty in California.

TUCSON'S OLD MOTOR COURTS - Welcome to my photo site. After reading Margaret Regan's article "Night Lights" in the Spring 2004 TUCSON GUIDE extolling the beauty of Tucson's old motor courts, I decided to "hit the road" and find some of these old neon gems while they're still here. In some cases, the lights have already dimmed on the signs, but luckily there are still quite a few left serving the motoring public.

ROUTE 66: THE MAIN STREET OF AMERIKA - This website is dedicated to the travels along Route 66 by
Denmark resident and traveler of the Mother Road, Karsten Beyer.

A COLORADO ROADIE ROUTE 66 PHOTO GALLERY - This is my tribute to Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica in pictures and postcards.  It is an on going work. I will be adding to it every chance I get.

AMERICAN HIGHWAY PROJECT - The American Highway Project uses photography to document vanishing Americana such as motels, billboards, service stations, highway signs, tourist attractions, drive-in theatres and diners. We are a photographic resource for those interested in the history of transportation and architecture.

SHADOWS OF OLD ROUTE 66 - Take a cyber journey through the historical west with the "Road Wanderer" that includes a comprehensive contemporary look at Route 66. Travel the entire Mother Road from Chicago to LA! This site includes a state by state, city by city cyber tour of Route 66 plus history, maps, and photos galore! Plan to spend awhile - you'll see what I mean when you visit this site.

ROUTE 66 LOST AND FOUND - Here's the closest you can get to a real Time Machine! Photographer and Author Russell Olsen has put together the best "Then and Now" photographic journey down the Mother Road in his new book, "Route 66 Lost and Found: Ruins and Relics Revisited."

GAS SIGNS - Welcome to, the online collection of gasoline logos from photos and maps. I began this project in 1996 by scanning some images of my small collection of roadmaps, and photographing some of the gas stations I saw during my travels. We are  presenting them here for history's sake, lest they be forgotten in the world of ever-changing gasoline brands.

U.S. ROUTE 90 POSTCARD TOUR - The Southern Route 66 went from the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville, Florida to the desert town of Van Horn in west Texas. Here you will find many web pages of vintage postcards that celebrate this great road.

HISTORICAL U.S. FEDERAL ROUTE 66, ILLINOIS - This is a pictoral journey down many of the known alignments of U.S. 66 in Illinois.  It takes you from the Chicago Loop to the Chain of Rocks.

THE AMERICAN ROADSIDE - Photos, news, memories and musings on the great American roadside experience. Members are urged to add their personal stories and photos to an ever growing list.

MR. HARLEYDON'S WEBSHOT PHOTOS - This personal photo site has many albums with many different
subjects. There are also early 1900s historical black and white albums with photos showing roads and locations that later became part of Route 66.

GREENLAW PHOTO COLLECTION - This site has many photos with some historical information about the Greenlaw family and their part in the early history of Flagstaff, Arizona. The Greenlaws lived on Route 66 in Flagstaff at what is now the corner of 4th Street, east of the downtown area.

PHOTOS OF U.S. ROUTE 40 IN COLORADO - U.S. Route 40 photos in Denver and Idaho Springs. You will also find links to other historic photo albums of vintage motorcycles, old gas pumps, neon signs, calendars, clocks, automotive brochures, oil company advertisements, and much, much more!

ROUND AMERICA - It began as a trip...and a book...and it became a business. On April 1, 2003, my wife and I left on a long-anticipated trip that we have affectionately referred to for several years as "The Pie Trip."  The trip covered all 50 states, over 2,500 towns, and over 29,000 miles.  We are writing a book about the experience.

ROADSIDE ARCHITECTURE - Roadside Architecture is one of my life-long passions. When I go off to agility trials on the weekends with my dogs, I try to squeeze in side-trips to check out unusual buildings, mini golfs, muffler men, etc. My traveling range is usually limited to the Northeast but you will find plenty
of things included that are outside this area as well.

THE DEVIL'S PROMENADE AND SPOOK LIGHT - NEAR JOPLIN, MISSOURI - Twelve miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri, a roughly paved road runs through a narrow canyon. This nearly forgotten track runs across the Oklahoma border but is only about four miles long. Nearby is the former border village of Hornet, and close to that is the site of what once was a spook light museum. The place is remote and far from civilization, so why do so many people come here?

ELROND LAWRENCE PHOTOGRAPHY - This site has wonderful photo image galleries featuring Route
66, Hotrods, Diners, Railroads, and scenes in California!

THE OKLAHOMA ROUTE 66 JOURNEY - As you drive Route 66 through Oklahoma, youíll find something for everyone like great little mom and pop diners, old roadside tourist cabins, neon signs, antique stores, quirky roadside attractions like the Blue Whale and the Round Barn, and museums of every sort. In western Oklahoma, youíll find a good deal of the original two lane, pinkish Portland Cement road that workers laid in the 1930s. During your Route 66 experience, donít forget to slow down and enjoy the trip by meeting the folks and experiencing the small towns that make The Mother Road so special.



DON BAIN'S VIRTUAL GUIDEBOOKS - This site features over 4000 of my VR panoramas. These amazing photographs show you exactly what it is like to be in a particular spot - you can look in any direction, all the way around. It's the next best thing to being there.


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